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Dearest is as much art as it is literature.
It is carefully handmade and is available in three different editions.

A Book Box EditionBook Box
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he story is told through over 100
letters, newspaper articles and artifacts each reproduced in the style of
Victorian America.

A Gift Box EditionGift Box
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Each handwritten page brings the reader into the private world of the letter’s writer.


An Exceptional Limited Edition Limited Edition
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There are only 250 in this handsome Limited Edition. Each Limited Edition is housed in a beautiful wooden jewelry chest. This edition has many more artifacts than other editions, including photographs of the characters and many more personal items. Some of
the items in the Limited Edition are not replicas. These unique artifacts
are over 130 years old and are authentic. Each edition is a work of art
with all paper hand aged. All of these 250 are signed and numbered and may
be registered with LHP.

Excerpts of Dearest:

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