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Jane Austen has legions of fans that reach around the world and across the centuries. Her work has been published in many editions, translated into many languages and adapted to film and television. In this edition of a lesser known work of hers, we offer Lady Susan recreated as a London House Publishing Experience Novel Classic™.

The Experience Novel Classic™ design is our unique format, but be assured the text is purely Jane Austen. This epistolary novel was first published many years after her death in July of 1817. Although it is rumored that others of her texts began in the epistolary style popular in the 1700’s, Lady Susan is the only known novel of letters to survive. Lady Susan describes the schemes of the widowed Lady Susan Vernon as she seeks a new husband for herself, and one for her daughter. It is great fun and quite unlike any of her other works.

full boxLady Susan is the first in our series of Experience Novel Classics ™ designed in a similar format as our award-winning original Experience Novel™ Dearest. With this new series we will be publishing classic authors and their work in our unique new three – dimensional format. Read the handwritten letters, touch the wax that seals the paper, smell the lavender. Experience Jane Austen’s work in this distinctive form.

This is a Limited Edition of only 250 copies. Each copy has been hand made and aged by the artists at London House Publishing. Michael London & Jennifer London have painstakingly recreated this novel with special touches to bring it to life as it has never before been seen. Each edition is signed by the creators and numbered. They will clearly become valued collectors items.

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