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Reader Feedback

We have been so pleased to hear from readers. Our readers’ reactions are why we, and many publishers, do what we do. We encourage you to let us know your thoughts and reactions to our work. Use the Reader Feedback form at the bottom of this page. We really want to hear from you. From teenagers to adult, here are some readers comments:


I read this wonderful book of letters out loud with my sister. We were hooked on the story after the first few letters. It transported us back in time to 1872 before modern day communications. We laughed and cried our way through the letters and enjoyed every moment of it. It was an experience for us, and a bonding experience too. ……… Thank you.
Laurie W.

I gave my daughter the 3D novel for her 21st birthday last Saturday.  I knew she'd love it, but even I didn't expect the reaction it got.  In addition to her telling me repeatedly how cool it is, I've overheard her telling a dozen other people the same thing.   Her dilemma is whether to race through the letters because she loves the story, or to savor them because she doesn't want the experience to be over.  At last count, "savor" was winning because she's about 3/4 through.   I couldn't have given her anything that she would have appreciated more, and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity.
Donna E.

Hello, I have finished your novel, and it was wonderful. The ending was very surprising. I enjoyed everything about it. It was great to see and touch the things they mentioned in the letters. It made it feel like everything happening was real. Anyway I truly loved the novel and the way it was presented and written. I would like to know what your next project will be, so I will check your website regularly.
Penny M.

The story itself is a wonderful experience. Just to read of the budding friendship and growing love draws you in and captures your heart. But when you add the stylings of each letter, the handwriting, the authentic aging of the artifacts, you become part of the story. I felt like the letters came to me personally and the whole story was of people I know. Both exhilarating and heartbreaking, I grew to care about the characters, and fell back into a time where people were proper and well versed. This was a unique and fantastic way to enjoy a book. Thank you for this experience!
Heather F.

Just read Dearest and thought it was great!  Loved the letter format, it made you feel like you were really reading about someone's past.
Pat F.

I got the book for my granddaughter. She was showing it to her new husband, and he picked up the letter and read it aloud. She read the next. She said it was really neat reading it that way, because he read his and she read hers, adding even more character to the story, and making it even more personal.   We are thoroughly enjoying the book.
Sandy G.

In the spring of 2008, a senior high school English teacher took Dearest into her classroom. Here is some of the feedback:

That is the greatest book I have ever read, I recommend this to any one and everyone. I promise you will not be disappointed no matter what type of books you enjoy, there’s something in this book for everyone.
Frank W.

This unique letter type of book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a suspenseful old-fashioned story.
Savannah B.

This book was amazing. It had me on the edge of my seat while at the same time striking my heart full of love and sad emotions. I would recommend this book to every adult throughout the world. I wish the best for the author and for the increasing success of this magnificent book.
Joey A.

Dearest is a very delectable selection. The way this unit is packaged is a very attention-grasping feature and the aging is also spectacular as well. The beginning of the story gives you a very strong impetus to continue reading and almost gives you a sense of euphoria. Overall, I would recommend this from school age youth to senior citizens wanting a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment as well. I personally can't wait for the next series. Derek S.


If you are a reader and would like to share your comments, please fill out our Reader Feedback Form. We always like hearing from our readers.

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