The First Three-Dimensional Novel!

Introducing Dearest
by Michelangelo Altiére

The World's First Three-Dimensional NovelIn 1872 a small town milliner and a wealthy engineer from the city have a chance encounter on a small Ohio riverboat. From that moment on their lives are changed. Only the change is not what they expect. They are two ordinary people caught up in a powerful relationship and life-altering circumstances. Dearest is their extraordinary story.

Experience Dearest And just as extraordinary is the presentation. Dearest is the first ever three-dimensional novel. You untie the twine and lift the lid and there you find a bundle of letters tied in a ribbon. You discover a dried rose and find the scent of honeysuckle in the air. You read through newspaper articles and examine the artifacts. This is how you begin the experience of the novel, Dearest.

The Authenticity of Dearest works to emerse the reader in the EraThe reader’s sense of smell, touch, and sight is engaged as they read each letter of the correspondence and explore the keepsakes that are part of their story. Dearest is as much art as it is literature. It is carefully handmade and is available in three different editions. If you are looking for a unique gift that you won’t find anywhere else, you have found it at London House Publishing.

Beautifully written, Dearest takes the reader firmly back into the world of the post civil war 1870’s and well may provide the most unique literary experience you will ever have.

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