We are a small but dedicated staff and hope that you join with us in this exploration of new forms for books

Michael M. London

Production Coordinator
Jennifer L. London

Associate Editor
Suzanne Pollock

Shipping Coordinator
Anita Stamp

Database Coordinator
Tim Bridwell

Copy Editor
May D’Anairer

Web Master
Maria Lee

London House Publishing
is a new publisher dedicated to the multi-dimensional artistic production and publication of epistolary literature. In simpler words... We want to create the most unique literary experience that you will ever have!

Our books are unbound.
When you read one of our books you will pick up a letter, a torn out newspaper article, or an old journal sheet, turn it over and handle it the same as if you had found it in your attic. We don’t feel bound by the traditions of bookmaking. We have learned from and honor those traditions but believe there is another way to experience a story.

Our books are experiential.
You may find an old photograph, a train ticket, a piece of soft fabric, a rose, or an old coin. You may find a scent that is part of the story. All of these factors, the papers, the artifacts, the scents, allow the reader to go completely into the story, forgetting that it is fiction. The three dimensional nature of the story enhances the reader’s experience of a new reality.
It is a matchless experience.

Our books are hand made.
From the inking to the folding, from the stamping to the gluing, our books are hand made and made in the United States.

Old pen & ink drawing


Our books are distinctive.
It may be a book box, or a hatbox, or a jewelry chest, but each of our books is a keepsake you’ll want to share with others and display proudly in your home. It is simply one of the most incomparable conversation pieces that you may ever have.

Our books are well written.
Our first offering is Dearest. It is historical fiction that gives the reader a look into the post civil war world of the Ohio River Valley. Carefully researched and meticulously designed, Dearest recreates the intimate and personal world of a man and a woman living in the ever-changing industrial middle class of 1870’s Middle America. It is a richly drawn account of a tender and surprising relationship.

Learn more about Dearest and
its availability on the page marked Dearest.

Our Books are classic.
Jane Austin is our first classic author that we are showcasing with the introduction of our first Experience Novel Classic™, Lady Susan. Learn more about Austin's wickedly funny novel on the page marked Lady Susan.

Currently we are preparing the manuscript of another classic, All That It Brings, based on an epistolary journal written in the late 1800’s by Frances Roe. We hope to have the release of this warm and personal journal by the late spring
of 2011.
In the coming years we also have a series of original novels that we will bring to you as a London House Publishing Experience Novel™.

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